Manchester United manager David Moyes recently said that he would welcome any mind games with his Chelsea counterpart José Mourinho, but he has not clarified the statement by saying that there is no feud with the Portuguese.

Mourinho is widely known as one of the best when it comes to mind games. He has used it to great effect in his last 10 years as a manager. The 50-year-old, though, appears to have softened a bit since coming to Chelsea for the second spell. Manchester United will be one of his main opponents in the coming season.

Mourinho is publicly chasing United striker Wayne Rooney, who has expressed his desire to leave Old Trafford. Moyes, though, has said that Rooney will not be sold at any stage. This has led to a war of words between Moyes, but it has not still escalated to the epic proportions that have taken place between the likes of Mourinho and Benitez. Moyes has said that he has never had a problem with Mourinho, who he has known since his time in Scotland when he started his coaching badges.

Moyes has even revealed that he sent Mourinho a sympathy letter after he left Chelsea in 2007. Hence, he has squashed any talk of a feud between the two.

“Jose Mourinho is a tremendous manager. He has done really well in the Premier League. Like me, he started doing his coaching badges in Scotland and whilst I wouldn’t say I know him that well, I do know him. So, for people to say there is any feud is wrong. Of course, you are going to find two really competitive managers. But I admire him for how well he has done as a manager. When our teams play we will both be highly committed to make sure our clubs win,” said Moyes.