Carlos Tevez has refused to apologise to Sir Alex Ferguson over his ill advised “RIP Fergie” sign which he held aloft at Manchester City’s Premier League victory parade.

City have already apologised on behalf of their striker but Tevez himself has distanced himself from the remarks including those attributed to him in the release from the Etihad.

Tevez accused Ferguson on having “said the worst about me” adding there is “no relationship at all” between the two.
Tevez went on to say “It seems like Ferguson is the president of England. When he speaks badly about a player, nobody says he has to apologise but when someone comes out with a joke, you have to say sorry. I don’t say sorry”.

At the time Tevez had seemingly been involved in the apology from City but his new stance seems a lot more in keeping with the Tevez who has frustrated City fans over the last year. His words will only go to create further tensions between himself and both of Manchester’s clubs. His contradiction of the City position and his seeming to go behind their backs in this latest interview with Argentine reporters will not please those at the club aiming to bring City well and truly to Europe’s top table.

United’s Chief Executive, David Gill, had been highly complementary over City’s handling of the affair, accepting their “commendable” apology. This rare show of friendship between the two bitter rivals does not help Tevez’s case and could potentially be seen as a return to the club’s position after the last incident involving Tevez.

Mancini declared Tevez would never play for City again and who knows, this latest embarrassing situation he has put his club in could be another nail in the coffin of his City career. His latest actions are hardly in keeping with those of one of the world’s biggest clubs, as City hope to become.