The duo of Manchester United, Nemanja Vidic and Michael Carrick have penned new contract with the English club. The veteran midfielder extended his contract for 2 more years meanwhile the defender agreed to a 12-month extension.

Nemanja Vidic has been a big target of Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester City but every single offer that was launched at Manchester United was quickly discarded. Even with the recent series of injuries and downhill ride of Vidic’s career he is still considered to be one of the best defenders of modern days.

David Moyes spoked about the slow start that Manchester United has been experiencing in this season as he said that even though his side dropped some points early in the season, he never considered them to be out of the title race.

“I never thought we were out of it (the title race),” said Moyes, who takes United to Cardiff City on Sunday afternoon.We just go about our job and try and win each game. Everybody knew at the start what it was going to be like’’.

“We knew we had a change of manager and there were always going to be problems, no matter what – whether it be winning games or different personnel in the team.
“I have said many times that Manchester United have proved over the years they improve as they go on.

He later went on warning the other teams as Manchester United are finding their stride and getting into the rhythm needed to initiate charge at the Premier League title. The Scottish tactician even went on saying that when coaching Everton he was still a slow started and it would usually take his team a longer time to find their balance.