Manchester United have been one of the best teams in the Premier league so far this campaign, and their nine-point lead in the table is certainly justified. However, the manager Sir Alex Ferguson has ruled out any sort of complacency with the team by pointing to the last season’s title race.

United almost had a similar advantage going into the final eight matches of the season. Hence, it was actually a much stronger position than they are in right now. However, they managed to lose the title on the final day of the season after an incredible collapse.

As a result, Ferguson is not hinting at any complacency within the squad by stating that they want to win every match from here on in. Manchester City have the advantage of not being in any cup competitions aside from the FA Cup in the second half of the season. United, meanwhile, will have to contend with focus on the FA Cup and the Champions League. Despite the nine-point advantage, the City manager Mancini suggested that his team are certainly not out of the title race. He has pointed to the same as the reason for suggesting despite the presence of such a great advantage for United.

“You hope that the players realise that the league is there for them to win. It’s obviously a big challenge and we’ve got the FA Cup and the Champions League as well. It’s always an important time. The players have shown great appetite for it. They showed that against Tottenham in the way they fought like hell to get a [1-1 draw] and were unlucky it went against them at the end. But we’re definitely in the right shape,” said the United manager. The club will be having a tough match this weekend against Everton.