Mourinho loves Premier League competition

New Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he choose to come to Manchester United because of the competition in the Premier League.

He said that in the other leagues it is quite easy to win the title as the bigger clubs keep becoming bigger and hurting the smaller teams. He said that the bigger clubs keep buying, the smaller clubs players, and this put an end to the competition.

However, it is not the same in the Premier League. He said that in England there are several clubs that can win the title and this is why he chose to come to Manchester United. The Portuguese manager has revealed that he has rejected offers from clubs in Spain and Italy so as to join Manchester United.

He said that he does not like to place any particular objective at the start of a season and that he wants to motivate his players to win every game. He said that the best thing to do as a player is to come on the pitch and try to win a game.

Jose Mourinho stated that he likes the squad he has at the moment and has hinted that there will be no more signing before the transfer window closes. He has revealed that there might be players leaving the club permanently or on loan in the days to come. He believes that Manchester United will be able to challenge for the title this season and said that is excited by the way the team has started the season.

Jose Mourinho believes that there is so much quality in the team and that they should be able to compete for the title. He said that Manchester United is a big club and deserves to win the title each season.