Money Through Friendly

The Manchester United has the chances of playing attractive friendly matches in the near future so as to compensate a loss of 20 million dollars as they failed to qualify for the Champions League and Europa League. It has already planned out its absence from the European competition.

United has also turned down the offer of playing a friendly match during the summer break in Dubai and hence it has to face in opposition teams from China, America or the Middle East. This team had received a sum of 28.9 million dollars from UEFA and nearly, 2 million dollar from the sale of tickets. With United playing four matches at Old Trafford in which three were group games, it earned around about 35 million dollar from the competition.

Right now they are working of 20 million dollar because of failure of payment to UEFA club and they also believe that playing a few matches overseas in between their schedules will give them enough opportunity to cover up a proportion of the loss. It played a testimonial in Saudi Arabia in the month of January 2008 for the previous player of Wolver hampton Wanderers team. This yielded the club an amount of about 1 million dollar. But it is expected that in the next six years they are expected to earn a lot more from the other friendly matches.

United made the before-season friendly matches against Sweden side AIK, to cost 5.95 dollars per view. With the huge fans of the team from across the globe the earnings from this match was very attractive. United must have taken note of how the testimonial of Rio Ferdinand in opposite to Sevilla was watched by worldwide audience of seven million people, which was taken for free through BT sport and the own website of the defender.