Manchester United interested in signing Bale to help put the team back on track

There are media reports that Manchester United might be interested in signing Gareth Bale in a bid to rebuild the team. Gareth Bale has apparently told his friends and relatives that he might be interested in returning to the Premier League.

Manchester United, who has consistently been on the decline ever since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, will want to make a marquee signing to show their fans that they still mean business. But it will all depend on the price that Real Madrid will be asking.

The Spanish side, on the other hand, is looking to get their start winger to sign a new deal and will do everything they can to keep hold of one of their best player.

Before the Bale rumors, there has been news that Cristiano Ronaldo might also be tempted to return to Manchester United. However, it is doubtful that Real Madrid will accept to separate from two of their best players. If ever there is a transfer, it would be one of those two that would make way to Manchester United and not both.

Manchester United’s share has been falling consistently ever since the appointment of Louis Van Gaal. A poor run of form has caused the share price to fall by 25% ever since his appointment. The Manchester United management will be keen to reverse this trend. This would start by the signing of some big name players as well as the appointment of another manager, most likely Jose Mourinho.

Apart from Bale and Ronaldo, there has been news that Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be tempted to sign for Manchester United. With Bale or Ronaldo in midfield and Ibrahimovic in attack, Manchester United might be difficult to stop next season.