Jose Mourinho Criticizes Chinese Football League

Jose Mourinho seems to be suggesting that Chinese Football extravaganza that is fast becoming a subject of great interest all around is actually a cup of tea of old people who doesn’t have much to do in Europe.

Mourinho accepts that the kind of eye-brow raising proposals coming from China of late can tempt people, but, someone like him for whom competition is more important than the bucks is never going to give any bit of thought over it.

As per Mourinho, at 50 odd, it’s the crucial time of his managerial career and at this age, he should be at a place where the standard is high and the competition is hard and that place, of course, is Europe.

Mourinho reckons he still has a long journey to cover in Europe before he can think about such newly set up flashy leagues.

While, it will be an immediate ‘no’ from Mourinho for any Chinese offer at this stage, his reaction will be exact opposite if the offer comes from the Glazer family for the extension of his present contract.

Denying that any talk of extension had been in place just yet, Mourinho hinted that it would be in place sooner or later because right from the word go; he has felt that the owners want him for a long period of time.

On asked if he is satisfied with his management at United so far or if he is unhappy with himself about something which, maybe, he should have done and he hasn’t, Mourinho points out that he probably has been unfair with some of the players while dropping them as everyone needs a fair number of opportunities, but, to his defence, he feels that because so many people are there in the line waiting to play, every time someone has an off day, he is kind of forced to make a change.