The Reading manager Brian McDermott has said that he is extremely inspired by the person that is Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Reading manager has revealed that he tried to contact the Manchester United manager back in January to get an advice. He tried contacting him through his son – the Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson. However, within 5 min of doing so, Ferguson was bringing back Brian McDermott offering him help. Even though he is a manager at one of the biggest clubs in the world, this attitude has impressed in the Reading manager. He has said that he is surprised by the attitude shown by the 70-year-old Scot.

McDermott has revealed that he has heard from his fellow managers that Ferguson is someone who is extremely helpful to the young managers, but he never expected this kind of response from the Manchester United man. Ferguson has won numerous trophies in his extraordinary career with Manchester United. He is now coming to the twilight of his career, with many suggesting that he would retire in the next few years. McDermott has said that it is extremely easy to see why people in football respect him so much. People respect him not only for his achievements, but also for the attitude as well.

“I spoke to him in January about something that I needed to address and he was very helpful to me and giving me good advice. I spoke to his son and asked him if he wouldn’t mind Sir Alex giving me a ring. And, five minutes after that conversation, a private number came up and it was him. So, that just tells you the calibre of the man and what he’s about,” said McDermott. He was speaking in the pre-match press conference ahead of the match with Manchester United at the Madejski stadium.